Warranty / Sales Policy

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions applicable for both inhouse Product and  Sellers (Selling Partners) supplied prducts

All kind of  Hardware is only available till 3 months of purchase against manufacturing defect. But its damage due to lightning, over-voltage, improper installation, mishandling, etc are not eligible for the warranty, detailed checking will be done by our authorized person before availing the same.

Separate proper earthing for every product is mandatory, if not it will be considered as inappropriate installation.

1-year warranty against manufacturing defect only, but not against any kind of other physical damage


Free technical support and firmware updates (if any)  are only available up to 12 months from the invoice date.

After 1 year to avail, continuous technical support need to pay AMC(Annual maintenance contract ) fees (ie 15% of invoice amount + 18% GST) for one year

The standby product is only available within the warranty period, in case of manufacturing defect only

The maximum time need to repair will be one month for damaged products as per above criteria

Without AMC, customers can avail technical support as ” PER CALL RATE” according to the complexity of works. (minimum cost is 1000+GST).

After 3-year customer can avail of the extended warranty with 25 % + GST of the invoice, for a period of one year

After 4-year customers can avail of the extended warranty with 35 % + GST of the invoice, for a period of one year.

After 5-year customers can avail of the extended warranty with 55 % + GST of the invoice, for a period of one year.

After 6-year the customer can avail of the extended warranty with 75 % + GST of the invoice, for a period of one year, or the customer can exchange the product with 90% price of the product in the current market. (if the product is in good working condition)


The information on the card should be filled completely and a card should have the stamp of the Company outlet/Dealer. If not, please go back and ask the dealer to stamp it

Our company provides a 3-year warranty on the condition that goods are used as per instructions

The failure under normal use means that it is not damaged artificially or by misuse, but unintentional damage under normal use. The failure is not caused by an abnormal operation. or it occurs because the user disassembles or troubleshoots the product without permission

If you are not satisfied with the product or if the product has any problem please return it to the dealer for after-sale services within a period of 7 days.

Product return Policy

In order to get a replacement, Product caused with  manufacturing defect must be first verified Online/Onsight by the service engineer of the company within a time period of 3 months starts from the bill date

The company Won’t Provide a warranty if a failure occurs in the process of using our product because of the following cases :

  1. Violate the direction of the user manual / Online support engineer
  2. Assemble or disassemble inappropriately
  3. Use expansion components without legal authentication
  4. Modify or Repair the product without permission
  5. Exceed the limit of use
  6. Abnormal force leads to damage
  7. Natural disasters or other in-disciplinary elements lead to damage.
  8. Fake or Refurbished Product
  9. Unable to Provide valid purchase proof or guarantee card
  10. Tears off or damage  the warranty sticker without permission