Are you a knowledge Hunter? Here is your Community

Our “HiFi IDEA Community” tribe is a part of Isight Solutions where bloggers, Technical Experts can participate in the technical discussion. It is a telegram community with the following principles executing by Isight Solutions to enhance the technical excellence of the followers. to be a part of the tribe, the tribe members need to follow the below principles to make the community completely supportive of the Followers.

The Principle of the Tribe defined as below

  1. Win Together
  2. Support Each other
  3. Improved Expertization
  4. Non-Entertainment Community
  5. Career Enhancement

The tribe is space is available over telegram. Knowledge Hunters are encouraged to join the valuable community to feed their brains.


The Tribe Codes :


  1. share knowledge related to career-enhancing
  2. Provide solution for the problem statement posted
  3. Enhance knowledge by Knowledge sharing
  4. Maintain responsibility and dignity


  1. Avoid unwanted forward messages
  2. Don’t discourage other community members