Evalution of Digital Marketing

Feb 14, 2021 Digital Marketing

Evaluation of Digital Marketing

The blog is about the Evaluation of Digital Marketing.  Below is a summary of the video content.

First, let’s start with Marketing.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the art of selling a thing to a customer by explaining the features of the same. The Thing can be a product, Service, Package, or valuable material for the end-user.

Factors of Marketing

There are two factors involved in marketing. one is a person engaged in marketing, and another factor is an Opportunity for selling the product.

With the above thoughts, we can arrive at a formula that

Marketing = C ( Person and his Skills  * Opportunities)

Here C is a Constant. that is our product. The product can be a B2B product or a B2C Product.

B2B products are the Business to Business Products.

B2C Products are the Business to Consumer Products.

Person and his Skills include personal Branding, Personal Interaction with the customer, and knowledge about the product.

The later section clearly explains Personal Branding and skills.

Evaluation of Marketing

Evaluation of Marketing explains the historical assessment of Marketing from the Old Stone Age to the Hi-Fi Era. You can have a clear picture of the evaluation of Marketing in the new stone Age.

The Video brings about  How the inventions affect marketing procedures.

New Stone Age 

in New Stone Age Era, through Stage Dramas, Wall paintings, and personal interactions, traders sold their products.

Modern Era

In the Modern Era, inventions of printing machines convert wall painting into posters. The rise of teleCommunication leads to broadcasting. The stage drams became TV ads and Radio Ads. Business Entities made use of the technology to spread their product ads.

Hi-Fi Era

In the Hi-Fi Era, inventions of the Internet helps the Marketing techniques to move on Next Generation.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the current marketing strategy.

The video content explains different types of digital marketing techniques such as Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.,


Personal Branding

Personal Branding includes valuable inputs for the viewers. It narrates must-have features, learning, Practicing, and so on.

This section also explains trust and transaction.


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