3 Reasons to choose WordPress over Weebly

Nov 18, 2021 Digital Marketing

3 Advantages of WordPress

The Post or blog shares information about the top 3 advantages of WordPress in Website Building. Here, we listed the top website-building tools. Additionally, we have taken Weebly for a one-to-one comparison with WordPress.

Before starting the blog, we will dive into information about website development’s current status.

Web application development is one of the growing platforms in the Internet Era. As the days grow, demand for web application development also increases proportionally. As per internetLivestats, As of now, 1.9 billion websites are all around the world.  When you read the post, it may cross 2 billion sites as well.

As the demand for web development increases, there are a lot of website builders jumping into the market.

Today, we are going to compare two great website builders. They are WordPress and Weebly.


At First, We look into the short description of the great website builders.

Later, we will compare the feature of each tool. Also, we will look into the 3 advantages of WordPress.

Then, how is WordPress Comfortable over Weebly?

Let’s dive into the Short Descriptions of the best website builders.


3 Advantages of WordPress
WordPress Advantages

Our first short description is WordPress.

WordPress is a Freemium ( Free + Premium) tool.  The host and its plugins support more than 60 Million websites. As per WordPress Statistics, around 64 Million websites use WordPress and its plugins. The count is around two-Fifth of the total websites in this internet world.

Such a wides WordPress was launched in 2003 Mid.

Alternatively, we will look into the Weebly crispy description.


Similar to WordPress, Weebly is also one of the best web application development tools.

Weebly also has its great importance in the website development world. unlike WordPress, Weebly is a lateral entry to the internet environment. Weebly becomes handy to the developers around 2006.

As per the information available, there are more than 20 Million websites developed using Weebly.  Such a handy tool is very user-friendly and robust for web application development.

Battle starts Here

While starting the battle, we will set the rules for the war.

How to choose the website Builders?

While start researching the website builders, we need to consider the parameters such as designing flexibility, Costing, Plugins, Community support,

User Compatibility

What is user Compatibility?

For any development environment, the user or developer’s comfortability is a must. Without developer comfortability, no development environment cannot progress or survive in the market.

The evaluation of the development environment is also a must to create a comfortable zone for the developers.

The above-unwritten rule is applicable for any development environment, and the same law is applicable for Website builders.

In our case, both website builders evaluate themselves daily as per the developer’s comfort zone.

Compatibility status of Weebly and WordPress

As per the source, the latest version of Weebly is 5.49.1.

As per the WordPress release, the latest version of WordPress is 5.8.2.

Even though both of our website builders evaluate themselves day by day, developer comfortability is found more in Weebly. Most of the modules are available with the drag-and-drop model in Weebly.

Even though WordPress came into the market earlier than compared to Weebly, WordPress requires some programming knowledge. As WordPress is based on PHP, a lot of plugins come into usage. But developers found more comfortable with Weebly than compared to WordPress.

Do remember, WordPress also has excellent designing plugins like Elementor and Divi supporting the drag-and-drop model.

Now, we are at the conclusion stage of this battle round. Weebly wins this round with a score of 1 – 0.

Development Environment costing -1 of 3 Advantages of WordPress


Development Environment Cost

Now, we are in the second round of the battle.

Whatever be the project, whether it can be a development project or testing project, the cost is the topmost factor from the customer. The customer always looks for the “cost vs value”. if the project has a high ROI, customers are ready to invest in the project.  So we will consider cost in the second-round battle.

First, we start with the first round winner Weebly”

Weebly Development Environment

Weebly is available with four categories. unfortunately, the free version, we cannot consider into account due to the unavailability of customer-domain -connectivity.

Then the other versions are personnel, professional, and performance versions.

  1. personnel version varies between 6$ to 9$ per Month.
  2. The professional version varies between 12$ to 16$ per month.
  3. Performance version varies between 26$ to 29$ per month.

Sources: Weebly

As a digital marketing agency, bearing the above cost per month is adds a burden to the monthly expense.

Moreover, a one-time payment option is not available with Weebly.

WordPress Development Environment

On the other hand, WordPress is completely based on PHP.

As PHP is one of the best open sources, WordPress is also available free of cost. you can WordPress is available as Freemium environment.

Freemium environment comes with a Free version at zero cost and the cost of the premium version varies depending upon the plugins.

Most of the free plugins will meet the developer environment. so 90 percent of the customer requirement can be met with the free source itself.

As most of the WordPress sources are available for free, WordPress wons the heart of Digital Agencies and solution providers.

in the cost battle, WordPress draws the round with 1 – 1. Among the Top 3 advantages of WordPress, the Development environment is the topmost.

this is the first advantage or Reason to choose WordPress for website building.

Community Support and plugins – 2 of 3 Advantages of WordPress


in the third round, we compare the support available for the website building from the two opponents.

As a paid one, Weebly has a technical support team available for 24 / 7 support.

In the case of WordPress, as free-of-cost, there are a lot of open communities available to clarify the obstacles.

to understand the WordPress support availability, visit the site .

In the WordPress community, Plenty of groups are available to support the WordPress Developer. You will get immediate support from google Guru. Need not wait for someone’s support or assist you.

Additionally, f you are stuck with one plugin, there are n number of alternative plugins available in WordPress to meet the customer’s necessity.

In the support war, WordPress wins the war with 2-1

This is the second advantage or Reason to choose WordPress for the Website Building.

Customization – 3 of 3 Advantages of WordPress

Customization is one of the major factors when we go for Website Builder.

As WordPress is a mixed combo of coding and drag-and-drop model, it is easy for the developer to customize the platform as per the requirement.

in the case of Weebly, the customization is a bit challenging as compared to WordPress.

At the end of the Fourth round, WordPress won the battle with a score of 3-1.

This is the third reason to choose WordPress over Weebly.



Folks, the post may share high-level information for choosing the best website builder. The 3 Advantages of WordPress may direct you towards WordPress Zone.

You also need not stop yourself in comparison with WordPress Vs Weebly.

other WordPress Alternatives

Additionally, I share a few alternatives of WordPress in the market for your better knowledge.

  1. Webflow
  2. WIX
  3. Squarespace
  4. Jimbdo
  5. Shopify
  6. BigCommerce
  7. Joomla

After your explorations, you can also compare the advantages of WordPress and other Website builders.

As per my thought, before you start your website building, you can compare the advantages of WordPress with other tools. then, start your cost-effective website building.

Top 3 Advantages of WordPress

in Summary, the Top 3 Advantages of WordPress are

  1. Environment Cost
  2. Community support and huge open-source Plugins
  3. Customization

Thank you all. I will meet you in the next post.

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