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Isight Solutions is a  service offering company built with a new approach. Isight Solutions energizes with the service offerings, Blogging, and Selling. Service Offerings from Host. Blogging from Knowledge Donors and Sellings from Market Emperors. 

As a part of service offerings, offers solutions with three different sectors of customers. They are Industrial  Automation solutions, Embedded solutions, and Machine learning which are the Building blocks of Industry 4.0. As all the industries flying industrial  4.0,  we offer Industrial Automation solutions based on PLCs, NI LabVIEW. Our Embedded solutions are based on MicroControllers to meet our customer needs. 

Isight Solutions Strongly believes the term “New Learning is the key to success”.As a part of Learning and Blogging, Isight Solution encourages bloggers to contribute their valuable Knowledge base to the external world.  The Blog section also encourages blogs from the sellers as well regarding their Products. As a part of encouraging Learning, Isight Solutions welcomes Bloggers and solution providers to our “Hi-Fi IDEA” Community. The Hi-Fi IDEA community invites blogs or posts based on IoT, Digital Marketing, Embedded Solutions, and Artificial Intelligence ( Hi-Fi IDEA). As Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence, the related blogs are Heartly invited. Visit our community at “Hi-Fi IDEA”  Community

E-Commerce portal offers the sellers to sell their IoT and Industrial Products in the Isight Solutions Portal. The product ranges from Node devices, IoT Gateways, Hi-Fi Displays, Industrial PCs. The product lines may increase in the future. Visit our Products Gallery at our Products Gallery 

Isight Solution is a platform where solution seekers can get a service or a Knowledge or a  Product product for their long term wishes and their Future Success. 


Industrial Automation:

Isight Solutions offers customers high-quality Industrial Automation services based on PLCs such as Seimens, Mitshubishi, Delta, and so on. We can handle a wide range of Sensors such as Flow sensors, Voltage Sensors, Current sensors, Pressure sensors, and so on. We are also good at offering Remote Monitoring solutions.

Embedded Solution:

Isight Solution provides Microcontroller and OS-based Embedded solutions for the customer according to their needs. We have been good in Various Communication Protocols such as SPI, I2C, Serial, Wi-Fi, and RF-based Communications. We are Supporting the customers from Prototyping to Productization of the Embedded based Requirements.

Machine Learning

The company creates digital twins of the process or equipment using advanced technologies like Physics modeling, Artificial Intelligence, computer-vision algorithms & Natural Language Processing. Helps to stay ahead with data-driven intelligence and accelerate your business. It provides the industrial intelligence required to embrace Industry 4.0.

We are the digital Sector of Tekhsol